About Mike Smith

Mike Smith owns a £1 Million+ Commercial and Residential property portfolio in the Midlands. Mike is an investor who has learnt his trade properly by starting and scaling a lucrative Letting Agency, Notts Relocate Ltd (2013-present). Using the agency’s retained earnings, he has completed several profitable HMO flips, refurbished & owns Blocks of Flats through his holding company MS Block Holdings Ltd. More recently he has diversified into small Light Industrial Units which is a very exciting asset class. 


It all started in 2013 when he bought a large house in Sneinton, Nottingham his only intention was to DJ full time and rent rooms out to live affordably. He soon discovered that property was a lot more lucrative, so he bought another HMO and then launched his lettings business Notts Relocate Ltd.


The level of insights & data Mike gained from scaling Notts Relocate Ltd is unrivalled and along with a sensible approach to living costs, it gave him substantial retained earnings to invest in his own development & holding company, MS Block Holdings Ltd.

MS Block Holdings Ltd has developed 750k’s worth of property to date.  Notable examples of projects include a development of a HMO in Sneinton which he bought for just 95k in Jan 2019 and sold it in Dec 2020 for 250k. This was such a good deal it even featured in the Daily Mail! He also refurbished a run-down block of 6 flats in Nottingham which brings in an unheard of 10.36% yield. He has also started to invest in Light Industrial property and purchased an Industrial Unit, Ash Court in Birmingham where he made 38k just by buying it!

Mike to date has self-funded all of his projects and made his own mistakes with his own money. He has substantial equity in his businesses and he is conservatively geared throughout his portfolio at around 60% LTV, with his commercial units left un-leveraged. He is focused on doing a low number of very high quality deals that give an excellent net profit with minimal time requirements. Too many investors are focused upon growing huge portfolio’s with maximum LTV leverage that are not actually that profitable when you consider the staffing, finance and maintenance costs to operate them. Mike knows otherwise from his many years of operating a letting agency and has insights & data that most investors will never have.

Mike is now looking for like-minded professional sophisticated investors who wish to JV or invest in property and he would love to hear from anybody looking to invest with a highly experienced professional investor…