Looking for a better return on your investments?

About Mike

Mike Smith owns a £1 Million+ Commercial and Residential property portfolio in the Midlands. Mike is an investor who has learnt his trade properly by starting and scaling a lucrative Letting Agency, Notts Relocate Ltd (2013-present). Using the agency’s retained earnings, he has completed several profitable HMO flips, refurbished & owns Blocks of Flats, through his SPV, MS Block Holdings Ltd. More recently he has diversified into small Light Industrial Units which is a very exciting asset class. After many years of using his own funds, Mike is now looking to invest with other sophisticated investors…

Sample Projects

49 Colwick Rd,

Purchased in Jan 2019 for just £95k this HMO flip project was sold in Dec 2020 for £250k. Netting Mike £60k + profit after all costs. It was such a successful project it even got a write up in the Daily Mail…

56-58 Ebury Rd, Nottingham

56 & 58 Ebury Rd was a dilapidated block of 6 x one bedroom flats which had not been occupied for 5 years. With some clever studding Mike made all six flats two bedrooms and increased the value substantially more than the funds invested. The block returns an unheard of 10.36% yield…

Notts Relocate Ltd

Mike started and scaled a highly lucrative letting agency Notts Relocate Ltd. Founded by Mike in 2013 he has successfully operated it for 8 years now. The agency mainly operated a large HMO portfolio in Nottingham with some Serviced Accommodation and Sales. Through the agency he has years of insights & data on the property market that is unrivalled. 

Unit 7 Ash Court, Birmingham

Mike made £38k in equity by just buying this unit. Mike bought the unit post auction for just £152k in Dec 2020 and was a very rare discount in the hot light industrial market. It was revalued in March 2021 at £190k, a gain of +£38k with no work. It also yields at an excellent 9% (£13.5k pa) on the purchase price.

35 Manor St,

This was Mike’s first HMO which he sold for an impressive 100% gain just a few years. Purchased in 2013 for just £95k Mike cleverly added some studding and an ensuite to make it a 5 bedder. It was sold just 5 years later to a London based investor for £190k. A impressive +100% gain!