49 Colwick Rd

49 Colwick Rd

  • HMO Flip Project. Increased capital value by 260%!
  • Bought for £95.5k in Jan 2019 and sold for £250k in Dec 2020.
  • Build costs and all expenses including & planning 190k total spend.
  • Won C4 Planning Permission on appeal to the Inspectorate.
  • A gain of £60k before tax!
  • Featured in the Daily Mail Money section!

The house was dilapidated when Mike bought it but at a purchase price of £95k it was 25% below it’s true value. Issues included damp on the ground floor, rotting timbers, a hole in the roof, wooden windows and more. The interior was cleverly modelled to allow for 6 bedrooms and designed to a luxury industrial designer specification which attached a very high rental figure for the area, £450 per room (£31,800pa). The quality of the house speaks for itself when you see the photos.

49 Colwick - Main Photo

The development also involved a highly complex C3 (Residential) to C4 (Small HMO) planning application against a hostile Council who tried to stop the house being legally used as a HMO. Mike knew the Council had no lawful basis to refuse the application and he got the Council’s decision overturned at by the Planning Inspectorate. Mike is one of a very select group people who have successfully challenged Nottingham City Council and his many years of HMO experience was invaluable in this. See the downloads below for more detailed information. 

Despite the house being a success and being lucrative, Mike took a dispassionate decision to sell the house in an auction because the houses USP (the décor) was less pronounced when it was tenanted. The market was incredibly hot in late 2020 with many unsophisticated buyers paying overinflated prices. This decision proved to be an excellent one and the property achieved 250k, 40k more than it was valued by the bank & 60k more than Mike had spent on it! It was even featured by the Daily Mail as an example of a profitable flip project the deal was that good!



Planning Inspectorate Decision (100kb, PDF)

Appeal Statement (806kb, MS Word)