Notts Relocate Ltd

Notts Relocate Ltd

  • Mike started and scaled a lucrative letting agency. 
  • 2013-Present, inner city area of Nottingham.
  • Specialising in HMO’s, R2R, Serviced Accommodation & Sales. All aspects of property management.
  • Unique insights into the market and years of P&L data.


Founded in 2013 Notts Relocate Ltd is Mike’s letting agency which manages his own HMO and more on R2R Lease Agreements.  The highly lucrative agency currently has 70 units on the books with many satisfied clients who have been with Mike for years. The core business model is to lease HMOs at a single let rent and then dress the rooms  rent them out at a higher rent. Mike’s rooms are renown throughout Nottingham as having a very high level of design aesthetics.


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The company is extremely efficient and systematised with a property manager, virtual admin team in the Philippines, and weekly cleaning staff to ensure the highest professional standards. The agencies reputation for high quality means we rarely have rooms available. In 2016-2018 the company also operated Serviced Accommodation for a client selling houses and at the peak the company had 20 Units as SAs. Mike also has also sold properties for clients over the years too and got his clients excellent sales results.


The level of data Notts Relocate Ltd has given Mike over the years, means he understands the true cost of doing business and operating a strategy down to the last penny. So many investors miss key costs or don’t fully grasp the management costs of a strategy, or miss key opportunities to maximise a site’s potential. His intimate understanding of what tenants are actually looking for gives Mike offers extremely unique insights into making a development successful long term, not just for the first couple of lettings like many projects experience.