Thank you for confirming your investor status and that you are qualified under the FCA rules to make this investment.There are several exciting opportunities to team up with Mike Smith, a highly experienced a knowledgeable investor.

Investment opportunities
Short Term Loans

A simple loan agreement.We are seeking to work with investors to provide us with short term finance and can offer 7.5-10% per annum dependent on the project risk profile. The interest will be repaid monthly with the principle at the end of the loan and will typically before a 6-18 month period.Mike can offer 1st charge security on an un-leveraged commercial property and so you are given the strongest form of collateral for the loan.

Earn & Learn

For all investors who are eager to learn, we can offer all investors an opportunity to be an observer and get involved in the project. This is a great way to give you insights into development, financing, letting and all aspects of the project. Get a bank beating return of 8-10%and learn on the job,without the need to book expensive training courses!You can learn so much more by doing instead of the classroom.

Joint Venture Partnerships

Generally, this will be for large projects that Mike would not otherwise be able to do and ideally he is seeking individuals with 150k+ to invest.We can provide the expertise, project management and some of the capital but the investor would be usually be expected to provide the majority of the capital. This is a great way to do larger projects from your armchair with a highly experienced and knowledgeable ensuring it runs smoothly. Typically the property will be bought in a new SPV company with both parties as 50/50 shareholders.

Mike will carry out detailed due diligence on any potential JV partners to ensure that it is a good match and we would encourage you to do the same. This will include checking that you meet the FCA definitions of a sophisticated, high net worth or professional investor.

Next Steps

Mike is always looking for new projects and would be keen to build his investor list. Please express an interest and we can arrange for an informal conversation about how we can work together.